Our pets are part of our families,

they deserve to feel their best!

Animals cannot talk, it is hard to know what is bothering them. If your pet is not acting themselves or has an injury, arthritis or other condition that is preventing them from being comfortable, MagnaWave PEMF may help them feel their best.

What Can MagnaWave Do For Your Pet?

Recover from tendon, ligament, bone and muscle injury faster 

Relieve pain from arthritis and other degenerative conditions 

• Keep agility animals at peak performance

Speed the healing process of wounds and post-op procedures 

• Help your pet utilize nutrition and supplements better

Reduce urinary incontinence and anxiety in your pet 

Works well in conjunction with other modalities such as laser, chiropractic, and acupuncture

MagnaWave PEMF is

Drug Free


Pain Relief

and helpful for:

• Arthritis

• Circulatory Problems

• Seizure Disorders

• Fractures

• Wounds

• Spinal Cord Problems

• Diabetes



What should i expect after my first session?

A MagnaWave session can vary for each animal. Diet, lifestyle, activity level, hydration, general health and stress levels all contribute to how MagnaWave will work and how your pet feels after a session. Pets can feel energized or very relaxed in the first few hours after a session. It is important to keep track of how they respond as it will help us determine how many sessions they may need to achieve the desired goals.