they deserve to work happily

and feel their best!

If your horse is training hard for competitions or racing,

and is experiencing conditions that are holding them back from performing their best


or you just want YOUR HORSE to feel their best,

we can aid in their recovery and wellbeing

Relaxation and Relief  

Working on a cellular level, MagnaWave PEMF encourages the body to heal itself.  It is rewarding when horses show their relaxation and relief by yawning, stretching, and licking and chewing. They are so genuine in their expression of enjoyment with their sessions. 




Horses don't lie!

Owners, trainers and riders generally see and feel that their horses are “looser”, have better range of motion and performance and are happier after their MagnaWave PEMF sessions.

MagnaWave is a safe, effective, drug free alternative to keep your horse in optimal health.

We work with racehorses, performance horses, lesson horses, casual riding horses, rescue horses, minis and all types of horses to enhance performance, maintain health, and healing.  

How Does

      MagnaWave Work on Horses?

High powered MagnaWave devices for horses generate results at an accelerated rate and can be easily adjusted for optimal level of penetration.


Using MagnaWave sends a pulsating charge through tissues to treat large focal areas like joints and major muscle groups. Penetration of the charge can be up to 16 to 18 inches into the equine body. 

Twitching muscles help to identify imbalances, pain or sore muscles that need to be further worked on with MagnaWave. 


By pinpointing the problem, we are able to work at the source of pain rather than just manage its symptoms. PEMF for horses is safe to use and requires no sedation.


Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Sore Backs

Sore Stifles

Chronic Hock Soreness

Sore Shoulders

Non-Union Fractures

Gastric Ulcers




Stone Bruises

• Non-Healing Wounds

MagnaWave PEMF

  for Horses Helps:

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Chento's Magnawave PEMF Session

Chento's Magnawave PEMF Session

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Mocha Loving Her MagnaWave PEMF Session

Mocha Loving Her MagnaWave PEMF Session

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Rocky Loving His MagnaWave PEMF Session

Rocky Loving His MagnaWave PEMF Session

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