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Christine, Kelli, and Tyler are excited to offer the

healing benefits of MagnaWave PEMF therapy.

Each of us has our unique background of education, experience, knowledge, and intuition to incorporate

in our treatments.





Three years ago I was juggling a high-stress corporate career, helping care for my father in his battle with Alzheimer’s, supporting my mother with her health and financial needs and assisting my son in his struggles with addiction.  The emotional and mental stress was taking a toll on my health. Alzheimer’ s eventually stole my father away, I left that stressful career, my mother is now living with us and my son has successfully navigated his journey through addiction and is now a happy and healthy man.  Along the way, I learned that the body could heal itself if given the proper balance of nutrition and supplements, exercise, and stress relief.  I developed a much more active and healthier lifestyle which includes, eating healthier, hiking, crossfit training, and competition horseback riding.


It was through competition horseback riding that I discovered Magnawave Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF). My horse, Mocha, was a little “off” before a horse show. A PEMF practitioner treated her and I was blown away by the level of relaxation and comfort it brought to her. After, that, I researched PEMF therapy and was astonished by the benefits it offers people, horses, and other animals.  Since being trained in PEMF Therapy, I have been able to help many people and animals. As some of my family members say, ” One person can’t save the world, but Christine tries.”


Christine is MagnaWave Certified in Humans, Equine and Other Animals



Kelli Fairbanks

Kelli is a certified Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Practitioner. She is certified to treat humans, large animals, and small animals. 


Kelli Graduated in 2015 from Longwood University with a Bachelors of Science in Biomedical biology. She currently works as a Connectome Annotator at Janelia Research Center. Kelli focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition, running, CrossFit, yoga, traveling whenever possible and of course spending time with family, friends and boyfriend. 


Growing up Kelli was constantly around horses and added to her knowledge by taking care of them, studying for pony club ratings, and competing in eventing. She also has experience working with small animals as an assistant in an animal hospital. 


After witnessing the healthy effects of PEMF on horses, experiencing PEMF herself and learning about the astonishing research results, she is excited to make a difference in people and animals lives with PEMF. 

Kelli is MagnaWave Certified in Humans, Equine and Other Animals


Tyler Pubins, CSCS

Tyler graduated from Longwood University in 2015 with a Bachelors’ of Science in Exercise Science. While enrolled, he worked at the Universities' Health and Fitness center as a Supervisor. He completed a 400-hour internship with Bon Secours in Motion Physical Therapy/Sports Performance. Upon graduation, he was hired by Bon Secours where he worked as a Sports Performance coach and earned his Certified Strength and Conditioning Certificate. At Bon Secours he led various clients and sports teams through workouts and helped them recover from their injuries. He has also volunteered in multiple other Physical Therapy settings in order to gain exposure to a broad client base.


In his spare time, he enjoys working out, being outdoors, watching his favorite sports teams, eating good food, and of course spending quality time with his friends, family, and loving girlfriend. 


He learned about PEMF and decided it was a very beneficial tool for recovery and wanted to get involved in any way he could. In the future he hopes to attend Physical Therapy school where he can continue to treat clients with PEMF as well as expand on his treatment modalities.

Tyler is MagnaWave Certified for Humans


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